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What is Terrell Cash?

Terrell Cash is a community currency program that is purchased from the Terrell Chamber of Commerce website and can be used ONLY at participating merchants, providing you a fantastic tool to grow your business.

Why Should I Become a Participating Merchant?

Terrell Cash will:

  • Bring a year-round Buy Local program to our community
  • Be used as holiday gifts, thank you gifts and employee rewards
  • Connect YOU with the area’s large employers, who may purchase Terrell Cash for employee rewards
  • Help you acquire new customers
    Provide a great marketing tool for your business

How Does It Work?

To accept Terrell Cash, there are no upfront costs or special software/credit card machines to purchase. With this initial launch during the COVID-19 crisis, the program will pay you back 97% face value of the currency. The 3% is deducted to cover the credit card transaction fees. As an example, if you redeem $20 in Terrell Cash, you will receive $19.40 from us.

Once retail and restaurant businesses are allowed to reopen to 100% occupancy, the deduction will be 5%. The additional 2% will help cover administrative costs, so in the prior scenario of a $20 redemption you would receive $19.

We will make payments to you every two weeks for any redeemed certificates you accepted. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN for our community.

Watch a series of videos to learn more about being a Terrell Cash merchant.

How it Works for Merchants

How it Works for Purchasers

How Do I Sign Up?

Click the button to the right and enter the Invitation Code: TERRELL.

Or contact Angie Cooper at 972-524-5703 or via email at She will send you an email invitation with a link to signup.

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