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This week Terrell students began a new school year. As most things in 2020 have gone, it’s not the typical first day back to school. Some have opted for at-home learning. Others are returning to the classroom. Some are doing a combination of the two. Whatever method it is that your student(s) are participating in, there’s no question it will be an adjustment for you, your child, your child’s teacher and school administrators.

The school day for administrators and staff has a whole new set of protocols, which includes self-screening for symptoms, screening students for symptoms, sanitization, training students on proper handwashing and face covering procedures, helping students navigate issues with remote learning, enforcing social distancing guidelines, and so much more.

Parents are faced with the task of making sure their students are complying with protocols, and ensuring they get where they are supposed to be (whether it’s in the classroom or online). Parents also had a new back-to-school item on the school clothes shopping list this year – face coverings.

It may not be the typical or perfect start to the school year, but everyone will manage and get through it. The key for all is to be supportive of the teachers and staff and to have a little patience. Everyone is juggling a lot and will be drinking from the fire hose for these first few weeks until everyone gets into a groove.

At the Chamber, we will continue to support the Terrell Independent School District and students in any way we can this school year and in the years to come. You can be part of that support this fall through various fundraisers and our annual Civic Auction.

The Terrell Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that supports the community. Our mission is to build the prosperity of businesses and industries through economic development and improve the quality of life in our community. We believe one significant way we can bring quality of life to our residents is to support our schools – our students, staff and administrators. It’s a crucial and worthwhile investment.

The Chamber is 100% funded by fundraisers and membership dues. Your support of our fundraising activities allows us to continue our mission of improving the quality of life. Monies raised go back into the community in several ways, including:

  • Five annual scholarships to Terrell High School seniors;
  • Community events such as Terrell Jubilee, Fourth of July fireworks, and the annual Christmas parade;
  • Support for Terrell ISD;
  • Support of local small businesses;
  • Community beautification;
  • Support for local clubs and organizations;
  • Tourism;
  • and more.

We currently have a Designer Purse Raffle underway that ends September 9 and will be releasing more details soon on the online auctions we will be holding this fall. We’ll have a little of something for everyone and we hope you’ll join us! Keep an eye on our website at or our Facebook for details as they are announced.


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