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I am kind of a history nut. My kids thought our TV only had the History Channel. Knowing in many ways history tends to repeat itself, I find myself looking back at what has happened in the past century.

I had the privilege of a grandmother (Nona), Marie Miller, that lived a long and meaningful life. Born in 1910, she was able to give great insight and perspective to the happenings of the day until her passing in 2010.  I often wonder what perspective she would offer about the last year considering what she lived through.

When she was age 4 WWI began. It ended when she was 8, killing 22 million people.  Shortly after that the Spanish Flu pandemic killed 50 million. At age 19 the Great Depression began and at age 29 World War II began resulting in about 75 million people losing their lives. She lived through two more wars (Korean and Vietnam) by the time she was 65. Children born after 1985 don’t think their grandparents understand how hard life can be.  Most of them believe it’s tough when it takes more than three days for a package to be delivered or they get less than 20 likes on Facebook.

As we continue to rally the economy in 2021, let’s remember how great an experiment this country is and how wonderful a state, county, and city we live in. Mask or no mask, vaccine or not, get out and enjoy!  Find something new to do in Terrell.   Visit all the murals in town or find a unique gift for a friend in our downtown shops.  Have a peach from the first harvest at Ham Orchards along with some ice cream or barbecue.   Enjoy the British Flying Training School Museum and learn about Terrell’s early involvement with the Royal Air Force.

If I could talk to my grandmother today about what we’ve experienced over the past year, I think her response would be, “it’s all going to be okay.” I agree.



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