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Member Tip: Setting up a Facebook Page for your Business

By Talana Morris | June 29, 2021

Do you have a website for your business? Maybe a website is cost prohibitive or not necessary to reach your target audience. A Facebook Page for your business may be the perfect way to establish an online presence. Here are a few reasons to consider setting up a Facebook Page for your business: It establishes…

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Member Tip: Make Valuable Connections

By Talana Morris | June 22, 2021

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of being a Chamber member is the ability to meet and connect with others in the community. You never know when you may meet your next customer, partner or employee. There are several different opportunities to meet and network with fellow Chamber members: Monthly Board Luncheons — this…

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Member Tip: Sharing New Items

By Talana Morris | June 15, 2021

One of the most common requests we get is to share news items from members. Anything from event sponsorship or vendor opportunities, press releases, or company announcements.   The best way to share your news with other members is to submit it as a news item in the Member Information Center. By doing so, your…

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Things my Daddy Taught Me

By Talana Morris | June 10, 2021

Two years! That’s the Chamber work anniversary I’m celebrating today. It certainly has been full of unexpected twists and turns thanks to COVID. I joke with my coworkers and our board members that I’m a redshirt freshman. Twenty-four months in and there are still annual Chamber and EDC events that I’ve not experienced. Maybe you’re…

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Member Tip: Manage Your Online Directory

By Talana Morris | June 8, 2021

As a Chamber member, your business is listed in our annual printed directory, as well as our online directory. In the last month alone, the online member directory has been searched 8,422 times. Year to date searches total 28,030. That’s a lot of people looking for Chamber member businesses!   Your basic listing includes the…

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Member Tip: Claim Your Google Business Listing

By Talana Morris | June 1, 2021

When someone searches Google for your business by name, does your listing come up with contact info, website link, business hours, and a map? Or perhaps it comes up, but it has incorrect information. You need to be sure you have¬†claimed your Google My Business listing¬†so you can control the information that appears. Here’s how…

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Was it really a sacrifice?

By Carlton Tidwell | June 1, 2021

There were times in the last year or so that I thought we were really having to sacrifice due to what was going on around us with the pandemic.  Businesses closed down, no travel, difficult to find what you needed for your home.  Of course, you follow that up with the snowstorm to end all…

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Member Tip: Setting Up Event Reminders

By Talana Morris | May 25, 2021

We get it! You’re busy and it’s easy to forget about networking or other Chamber events that are happening. Good news! There’s a reminder tool on the website that can help ensure you don’t miss another fun Chamber gathering!   View a short “how to” video below, or follow these instructions to schedule an email…

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Member Tip: Submit a Job Posting

By Talana Morris | May 18, 2021

So many of our members are hiring right now. If you have open positions you’re trying to fill, submit those postings through the Member Information Center. They’ll appear on our website jobs page, as well as in our weekly email newsletter. We also share the jobs link on social media from time to time. Below is…

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What would Nona Say?

By Carlton Tidwell | May 1, 2021

I am kind of a history nut. My kids thought our TV only had the History Channel. Knowing in many ways history tends to repeat itself, I find myself looking back at what has happened in the past century. I had the privilege of a grandmother (Nona), Marie Miller, that lived a long and meaningful…

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